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About Me...

Hello All! - I am a private collector of comics books. I am looking to significantly reduce the over 3000 comic books in my personal inventory. I have been selling comic books and miscellaneous items on the web since 1996. A list of the complete set of comic books I have is now online. New to eBay, yellow pages, and friends are forthcoming. Historical links to prove I have been selling online a long, long time are also provided.


Last website update - 1 July 2015


Comic For Sale!

The full list of comics for sale by title and issue is on the "Catalog" page

Feature Comics are unique comics I am featuring Now.

Graded Comics are comics graded by Comic Book Subscription Service (CBCS)

and encased in plastic to preserve the.

Superboy #74

Links to Interesting Places.

Yellow Pages - Titusville, Florida  Let your fingers do the walkin'

Office Supplies Wholesale  No better office supply that comic books - I always say

On 47 South Main Street, Titusville  No, sorry, available by Web and email only

Link from Fortune City  If Jerry says I'm there - I'm there - but now I am here...

Cylex Business Directory  Who am I to argue with Cylex???  I'm been found by Mr. Brown...